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Kəvən Craft Rituals: Natural Skincare Giveaway

Kəvən Craft Rituals: Natural Skincare Giveaway
Kəvən Craft Rituals is a rising Brooklyn, NY based natural skincare company! Eco skincare enthusiasts be are about to fall in love. Erika Fortner, the owner of Kəvən Craft Rituals, has been making herbal creations ever since she was a young tot and I believe all her practice has paid off in great dividends. Kəvən Craft Rituals sent me a mini(0.65 oz.) Crescent oil bar to review. Now, I am normally skeptical of coconut oil based lotion bars, but this one rocks! The highest praise(as always) is, "I would definitely buy this again!"

What do I love about the Crescent oil bar? It has a light woodsy, earthy, floral scent with a touch of spice. All made with an essential oil fragrance oils here. Also, the texture is incredible. It is NOT easy to melt, which means it lasts a lot longer. And, it is not greasy. Not even during the application process. They also use essential oil combinations that are soothing to the body, mind, and soul. The Crescent oil bar also has essential oils that work to keep the dastardly bugs away, which is a huge plus during this time of the year!

Kəvən Craft Rituals: Natural Skincare Giveaway
Kəvən Craft Rituals oil bars would be great for anyone in a "hands on" profession. We are talking nurses, firefighters, moms, gardeners, construction workers, etc... My hands not only feel moisturized, but protected from the harsh elements that be during the Summer. Legs, feet, even a few dabs to dry patches on my face. I also used the Crescent oil bar for shaving. This oil bar is versatile and perfect for your Summer travels. As always, keep out of hot cars and direct sunlight, but I anticipate that it will travel well!

What other natural skincare wonders does Kəvən Craft Rituals have? Okay, my eager beavers they have many other natural apothecary goodies too! Their libation perfume oils with Organic jojoba oil and their "energy cleansing" match sticks sound crazy-good, but you will have to try them yourself as I have not had the pleasure....yet. Who is ready for a metaphysical Kəvən Craft Rituals giveaway experience? One US winner will receive a mini(0.65 oz) Crescent oil bar.

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