Davids Natural Premium Toothpaste "10 Winner" Giveaway

Davids Natural Premium Toothpaste "10 Winners" Giveaway
Davids premium natural toothpaste was born in 2011 after four years of developing! That's right, the owner Eric David Buss spent four years creating the highest quality, most sustainable, and safest natural toothpaste that I have ever used! Davids natural toothpaste is a product that I know is going to be BIG! We are talking Tom's of Maine competition BIG! Davids natural toothpaste is just getting started and mark my words we are going to see Davids lining the shelves coast to coast very soon!

Davids Natural Premium Toothpaste "10 Winners" Giveaway
Davids has that "WOW factor"! The 100% recyclable aluminum tubing has a "retro-feel" that is incredibly appealing and a very rare thing indeed. When I received Davids package, I was surprised to see a metal tool of sorts inside. The tool is for rolling every drop of all-natural minty fresh toothpaste from the tube. Now that is what I call Eco friendly! And now, 10 lucky winners are going to get to try Davids premium natural toothpaste for free. Be prepared to get hooked! The tube is cute and Eco friendly, but does the toothpaste do the job?

Yes, it does. My mouth has never felt so fresh and clean. After nearly a week of use and lots of coffee drinking, my teeth are whiter then they have been in years. Compared to Tom's of Maine, I give Davids higher praise on taste, aesthetics, whitening, sustainability, and overall user experience. Davids is also cruelty free, 98% USA origin, fluoride free, and sulfate free. I am truly impressed with Davids premium natural toothpaste. Davids will change the way you look at your "all-natural" toothpaste!

Who's ready for a Davids minty-fresh giveaway?


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