gopure naturals HUGE skincare review & giveaway

gopure naturals review & giveaway
Beautiful, rich, moisturizing, and 100% pure skincare products by gopure naturals. gopure naturals has products that are all-natural with no artificial ingredients, paraben-free, and they are also cruelty-free. I am very impressed that most of the oils seen here including the Argan and Rosehip oils are also Organic too! The Cleopatra's Choice African Shea Butter is incredibly creamy and 100% Organic as well. These products are very high quality and great for at home DIY beauty projects, massage therapists, and skincare artisans. I wish that I knew about gopure naturals existence many moons ago and their amazing resourceful blog too! They have tons of informative articles! For example, I really like the article "10 powerful health benefits of Turmeric".

gopure naturals review & giveaway
The trio of candy-colored natural oils of Argan, Peppermint, and Rosehip oils are amazing! I am quite fond of the Peppermint oil. The Peppermint oil is something that awakens and invigorates the body and mind. I have been using it for cleaning by dabbing a small amount on a rag to wipe over counter-tops and frequently-used surfaces. The Peppermint oil is also perfect for the bathroom floors! Add a few drops to your cleaning water to have your floors naturally smelling minty fresh! I also have created some gopure naturals Coffee N' Mint DIY beauty concoctions that I will be revealing this week.

100% pure Fractionated Coconut oil how do I love thee?! I love using fractionated coconut oil for DIY  beauty projects, because it is a liquid at room temperature and also has a very stable shelf life. Fractionated coconut oil is also odorless and colorless, which makes it perfect for all-natural skincare creations and blending essential oils.

100% pure Cleopatra's Choice African Shea Butter is amazing! I love this product and this is something you cannot simply go and buy at your local natural health market. It is so smooth and creamy! The African Shea Butter makes perfect bath bombs and would make a super creamy body butter too! I cannot wait to make some body butter.

gopure naturals Youth Glow eye gel definitely lives up to its namesake. My eyes have chronic dark-circles underneath them. I have used the Youth Glow eye gel for two days now and I already noticed a remarkable "under eye" difference. Ingredients included are: proprietary peptide complex, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, matrixyl 3000, plant stem cells, and vitamin e. The hyaluronic acid and matrixyl 3000 are essentially peptides that help reduce wrinkles and keep your skin looking "youthful". There are NO artificial ingredients and NO parabens in this product.

One lucky winner will win everything seen here including: the Argan oil, Rosehip oil, Peppermint oil, Fractionated Coconut oil, Youth Glow eye gel, and Cleopatra's Choice African Shea Butter!!! Please wait for the Rafflecopter to takes just a second!


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