How to store and dry lavender #lavenderfreakweek

How to store and dry lavender #lavenderfreakweek
Lavender freak week is picking up steam! Today, we are going to talk about how to dry and store your freshly dried lavender buds. This post is going to be surprisingly short, because drying out and storing your fresh dried lavender is pretty easy stuff! The most important tips are to cut your lavender at its peak, which is just before blooming and when the lavender buds are a very bright purple. I have some white lavender too and for harvesting purposes I go by blooming. Once one or two lavender buds start to bloom, I go out and harvest my lavender.

How to store and dry lavender #lavenderfreakweek
When to harvest? Harvest your lavender in the early morning or evening when temperatures are at their coolest. Again, cut your lavender at its peak, which is just before blooming and when the lavender buds are a very bright purple. Cut your lavender just above the hardwood portion, which is located at the base of your lavender plant. Be sure to never cut into the "hardwood" area. That will kill your plant. The softwood portion is where you cut, which is close to the base of the plant and just above the hardwood.

How to dry out your lavender? Take small bunch of 10 to 12 lavender stems and tie with a string. Hang your bunch of lavender in a cool and dry area with plenty of air circulation. See my YouTube video below for more direction. 

When to jar your lavender? In two to three weeks, check on your drying lavender buds. The tie around your lavender should be loose and perhaps a few lavender buds have fallen to the ground. I do the "snap test" to ensure my lavender is dry enough for transplant into a container. I take a lavender stem and break off the lavender bud. If it "snaps" then your lavender bunch is ready for the jar. If not, just leave your lavender bunch hanging and reassess in another week or so.

What to store your lavender in? You know, I am a sucker for tiny Spanish glass jars. I like tiny jars, because if somehow a lavender bud did not properly it can produce mold. A tiny jar means only a few lavender buds got ruined and not your entire Summer crop. All glass container is best. I enjoy pretty corked glass jars, but your standard Ball Jars will do just fine as well.

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