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Oh So Good Organics #lavenderfreakweek

Oh So Good Organics #lavenderfreakweek
Welcome to positive home town vibes. Oh So Good Organics is my very favorite soap maker in history and she resides right here in Northern Virginia. I am not being overly dramatic when I say, "Oh So Good Organics is one of the best soap makers in the business." If you are a regular stache stalker, then you know I review many Organic and all-natural soaps. That is one bold and coveted statement I just made, but alas it is 100% truth! I purchase and use her products regularly. In fact, I cannot wait to get my hands on her exotic ylang-ylang charcoal soap that is currently curing. Don't you all even think about it! I am getting the first bar. I have been waiting for weeks so I deserve the first bar. I will cut someone.

Oh So Good Organics #lavenderfreakweek
My addiction has grown deeper from her soaps into her lavender soy candles. Now, I normally do not purchase essential oil candles, because I feel like the scent is not strong enough to warrant a $20+ purchase. However, Jennifer Naqvi(the owner and modern Organic soapstress) has the scent spot on. Even when the lavender soy candle is outdoors, you can smell the lavender scent wafting several feet away. That is pretty incredible! It is also wonderfully clean burning and burns for up to 40 hours. Oh, but wait there's more...

Oh So Good Organics #lavenderfreakweek
Body buttas! Yes, delectable body butters. Essential oils of sweet orange or lavender! Shea butter, cocoa butter, and safflower oils infused with the goodness of skin healing herbs such as calendula. Aesthetically-appealing and WAY perfect for Summer. Okay beauties, I am going to giveaway an Organic lavender soap bar from Oh So Good Organics in honor of lavender freak week. Ready my little lavender freaks? Enter below. Xo.

*Sidenotes: Taffy Floral is the amazing floral stylist seen in the first photo. Do you live in DC? Visit Nomad Yard Collective to purchase your Oh So Good Organics products in the flesh. I am purchasing and shipping this product myself. That is how much I love Oh So Good Organics!

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