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Red's Gone Green: A Clean Review & Giveaway

Red's Gone Green: A Clean Review & Giveaway
Lavender Freak Week is coming to a soothing end, but we are going out big...Texas BIG! Red's Gone Green is a proud Dallas, Texas all-natural cleaning company that utilizes simple ingredients that get the job done. Red herself sent me her Green Clean Club box which includes three products delivered monthly for $38 + shipping. Because it is Lavender Freak Week, I received Red's lavender + vanilla all-purpose cleaner known as Clean Freak, Everything + The Kitchen Sink cleaner and scrub, and Sweet Dreams lavender pillow spray. The combination of lavender and vanilla is a classic combination that is incredibly relaxing. Remember to squirt a few extra sprays on the counter tops while the kids are trying to kill each other in the adjacent room(figuratively, of course). No need for benadryl or wine, you can simply use your Sweet Dreams lavender spray all over the house for a calming effect. Good move Mom...good move.

Red's Gone Green: A Clean Review & Giveaway
Let' s talk about the all-purpose cleaner Clean Freak first, because it was my favorite! Scent is really important to me with an essential oil product and the lavender really comes through! Clean Freak is not tested on animals and utilizes simple, yet effective ingredients(like distilled white vinegar). You can flip the bottle around on any product and understand that each ingredient is truly natural. If you have children, animals, and even just yourself there is no need for chemicals. Red's products are safe and effective! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you how much I love the scent on the lavender + vanilla Clean Freak all-purpose cleaner. The lavender + vanilla scent is well balanced and you really want to clean the whole house with it just so you can smell the delectable smell!

Everything + the Kitchen Sink is a scrub, deodorizer, and cleanser. It has that baking soda base with a bit of grit that is perfect for removing soap scum buildup off of your tub and tiles. I also use it for a toilet deodorizer and to scrub the kitchen sink out. The baking soda helps remove stains and deodorizes. The scent is lavender + vanilla too, but the lavender is really strong and it was hard to smell the vanilla coming through. With two boys and a German Shepherd, I will go through this container in no time! This is a true all-purpose product. Use Everything + the Kitchen Sink to deodorize fabrics, in your laundry, and to clean your dishes. I love myself a good multipurpose product!

Red's Gone Green: A Clean Review & Giveaway
Finally, we have Sweet Dreams pillow spray in lavender. I am chronically running around the house at bedtime misting the air with lavender to calm the vibes of two bouncing boys. I love the strong lavender scent of Sweet Dreams and it really is perfect for spraying pillows or linens to help calm the atmosphere. I would also recommend this Red's Sweet Dreams pillow spray for travel. Motels do not always smell the best and this little bottle will always allow you to breathe easy.

Who's ready for a Red's Gone Green giveaway?

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