A past life regression experience

A past life regression experience
Photography by Second Ave Photography

First, let me simply say that I do not know what I believe. This week I felt compelled to focus on my potential "past life" experiences. Perhaps, I need those lessons or experiences for an application in the present. I do not know. However, I had a strange Egyptian vision(?) this week when I closed my eyes right before bed. To me it appeared I was looking at someone's life from start to finish, but I cannot be sure(I think it may have been antibiotic induced). In the morning, I was discussing my experience with the hubs and he told me that General George Patton was sure that he was a Roman or Greek soldier in a previous life and he drew on those "past life" experiences to plan and execute his warfare tactics. Interesting right?

This compelled me to do some additional past life experience research. So, I searched the Google and read that visions of a past life usually come in black and white. I also read that before bedtime is a good time to meditate with your eyes closed, but you must be awake and aware. I consulted Brian Weiss, a well known psychiatrist that specializes in past life regression, via YouTube. Although his voice is incredibly soothing, I did not visualize much of anything worth noting. However, I did feel extremely relaxed afterwards. I got much deeper on my own.

I felt drawn to an article(that I cannot find right now) that listed some stones that were helpful in enhancing past-life memories. I was drawn to one stone in particular: petrified wood. For some reason, it took me to my jewelry box. I pulled out a string of beautiful Tiger's Eye beads that were given to me by my husband's mother. The beads belonged to my husband's grandmother. Upon doing some additional research, I learned that Tiger's Eye is a form of petrified wood. It is earthly and helps to focus your energy. It felt uncanny to have and find them.

My first past life experience was last night before bedtime and I felt very relaxed. I was told to place the beads or stone over my third eye(over the brow area). It took about an hour, but I started seeing some black and white images. The images were chaotic, scattered, fast, and it was hard to see what was happening. I got an image very close and it appeared to be a Civil War soldier. Union. He had a magnificent mustache. He was brave, sure, and perhaps leading the charge. It felt like I was witness to it all. That is all I can remember, it took a very long time and lots of energy to get there.

I am not sure where this journey is taking me, but I feel like I need to go on it. Life is kinda like that. Recalling a past life experience is not for everyone. You have to be open to the possibility and allow yourself to take the journey. Your analytic brain has to be turned off for the duration. That....that has been the hardest part about exploring my past lives. What will or can you discover about yourself through a past life? Maybe you should try. Be open.


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