Impossible Perfection: A Boudoir Photo Shoot

 Photography by Second Ave Photography

Impossible perfection really says it all. What is perfection for a woman? Can it even be achieved? The initial inspiration for this post was a vintage photo of Marilyn Monroe with rose petals covering her bosoms. The striking thing about that photo is she has a substantial scar across her abdomen from a previous gallbladder surgery. Originally, I was going to try and replicate that photo, but I decided against it. You cannot replicate someone else and I did not even want to try, especially Marilyn Monroe! The whole thought process made me think about today's beauty standards(judgements) for women. Everything needs to be sucked, tucked, and plucked to perfection. Lest ye be judged and you will be judged!

Impossible Perfection: A Boudoir Photo ShootImpossible Perfection: A Boudoir Photo Shoot
Women feel every ounce of scrutiny. Every sneer, every eye-roll, and every nasty comment is taken personally. Em Ford, whom is the UK beauty blogger of My Pale Skin blog, was attacked by her own followers when she did a bare face reveal to show the power of make up. Her reveal is stunning and revealed her heart aching struggles with acne. Her powerful video below is well worth the watch. Thank you Em Ford for showing the real you! To be vulnerable is indeed beautiful. The people judging you are really judging themselves. They are unhappy with who they are. Never give someone the authority to make you feel less than a person. You hold the power for true happiness. You deserve to be happy. In fact, I stopped answering my own YouTube comments. Why? Because, people usually left negative and deprecating comments. I talk too fast, I say "um" too much, negative, negative, bad, bad, etc...

Words online hurt just as much as words spoken to your face. In fact, people feel more comfortable leaving hurtful comments online, because they do not have to be responsible for their words. It is not just television, celebrities, bloggers, and social media that are perpetuating the "female perfection" myth. I believe for women it has become this impossible reality that makes us agonize over every portion of our body and leaves us constantly comparing ourselves to others. I never see a man agonizing over his hairy pot belly and thus, the time of agonizing is over for me. Once you are naked with flowers over your boobs, there is no hiding anymore. This is me.

Impossible Perfection: A Boudoir Photo Shoot
Me. I have stretch marks across my abdomen from birthing two children. My stomach is not perfectly flat. My boobs are certainly not where they used to be and you know what? That is okay. Maybe one day I will get everything tucked back into place, but if that day ever comes it will be for me. Only for me and because that is what "I" want. I will not get work done for my husband and certainly not for society Until then, exercise and diet will be my beautifying Excalibur!

On a side rant, have you ever been to the grocery store(or any store for that matter with no make up on). How were you treated or did you even notice? When I go to the store with a full face of make up, more strangers will say hi, smile at me, and engage in conversation. Store employees will go out of their way to offer me assistance. No make service. I swear!! If I need something bare face, I literally feel like I have to trip someone. For a woman, your personal appearance is a direct correlation on how you are treated. It is a fact. No matter what, society has taught me that I must be beautiful in order to get positive attention. Think about that society.

What are your thoughts on today's beauty standards for women? I want to hear about your personal experiences.


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