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John Masters Organics DIY moisturizing hair mask recipe

John Masters Organics DIY moisturizing hair mask recipe

John Masters is by far my favorite Organic haircare master! He utilizes fresh, Organic, and simple(yet effective) ingredients. One of my favorite products he produces is "Shine On", which is an aloe-based hair mask and moisturizing hair treatment. It is best for dry and damage hair. There is nothing better on the market for dry and damaged hair. Today, I am going to show you in three easy steps how to make your own "Shine On". Granted, the John Masters Organics "Shine On" recipe is far more complex, but the DIY version really does the trick. This is a Summer "must-have" hair product. It has been keeping my hair looking healthy, moisturized, and shiny all Summer long. Now you can make your very own "Shine On" that's affordable and as easy as 1-2-3!

Ingredients Needed
*Organic ingredients are optional.
1.) 1 cup of Organic aloe vera
2.) 4 drops of Organic lavender essential oil
3.) 1 tbsp of Organic argan oil

Mix the above ingredients together in a clean, dry, and glass storage container. Apply to wet hair from root to tip directly out of the shower and enjoy that soft silky hair!

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