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So you think you can thrift? #icanthrift


So you think you can thrift? #icanthrift

So you think you can thrift? Yes, this title is a ripoff from "So you think you can dance?" But, I digress. Every week or every two weeks(depending on my finds) I will do a post, video, reveal my finds, and talk about the very best thrifting tips. I say thrifting, but you can apply these tips to garage sales, antique stores, and estate sales too. The main goal of this series is to ward off the second-hand stigma and to promote the Eco-friendly nature of thrifting. I want you to join me! Share your finds on social media by tagging @spunkyrealdeal and using the #icanthrift. I cannot wait to see some of your incredible finds! Be sure to include original tag price and retail value.

Why thrifting? First, it is a fun treasure hunt! I love the adventure of walking into a store and never knowing what you are going to find. Second, you can save lots of money. I would rather spend my extra money at a luxury spa or on travel with my family. Third, you are reducing your carbon foot print by reusing. Thrifting, garage sales, estate sales, and antique stores give extended life to items that would otherwise end up in our landfills and who knows where else doing damage to our environment!

So you think you can thrift? #icanthrift
Now that you've gotten an introduction to the series, let's move on to this week's finds! As a rule of thumb, I will generally tell you to avoid antique stores. Antique store prices are typically outrageous! But, as always, their are exceptions to every rule. The one exception is if the antique store has dealers. That means, you have a good chance of being better educated then the dealers and getting a great deal! I know, because it happened to me. My first find was actually at an antique store and it is a butchers block! Price tag $25. Retail value $100+. The butchers block is in very good to excellent condition. It has one minor stain and a few tiny scratches. An excellent find!

Best Thrift Tip #1.) Know the retail value of items you really want. That way when you find then in second-hand locations you know whether or not you are getting a good deal.

So you think you can thrift? #icanthrift
The next find this week is my soapstone pot with copper handles. I came upon this beautiful stone pot at our local thrift store. Original tag $10. I did not have any knowledge of soapstone, but with the weight and beauty I bet this piece was far more expensive. Upon further research, this pot is Brazilian and for a small piece such as this a retail value of $100+. Think prehistoric iron skillet. Brand new and an excellent find!

The last find is the dress I am wearing in the video above! I frequently find clothing brand new with the tags still on them! Last week, I found a Beyond Yoga dress brand new with the tags for $7. Retail value? $180! Stay with me my friends. I will show you how to navigate any thrifting location like a seasoned veteran. See you next week!

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