Fresh Wave "Natural Odor Removing" Giveaway

Fresh Wave "Natural Odor Removing" Giveaway
Fresh Wave is here with completely natural "odor removing" powers. These products are truly all natural! These Fresh Wave products are non-toxic, non-gmo, non- hazardous odor removers made from a combination of plant oils. That's it, can you believe it? Plant oils. I have been waiting for a main stream "odor removing" product to become available at Target for ages! Now, the time has arrived. So the next time you are in Target and reach for an odor removing and air freshening product, do not hesitate to take Fresh Wave from the shelf! Target is leading the way for the main stream stores by stocking Eco-friendly products such as Fresh Wave. I am stoked...simply stoked!!! Fresh Wave is keeping your family happy, healthy, and odor-free.

What is the smell like? The scent is very clean smell with perhaps a hint of Frankincense.

Do you have boys? Kids? Pets? Spouses? Then look no further. Fresh Wave has you covered, so open your noses once again to a naturally fresh home! I love the odor removing packs. The inside is filled with plastic beads and plant oils. I place these packs in the car, back packs, shoes, toy bins, laundry baskets, and just about anywhere an unpleasant odor may linger. Recycle when finished.

The next natural odor-removing lifesaver is the gel. I have a small bathroom. No further explanation necessary. The gel works for a 30 to 60 days. When the gel disappears, you get a new one! Also Earth-friendly and recyclable.

Fresh Wave "Natural Odor Removing" Giveaway
Lastly, the odor removing spray. This is fantastic for refreshing your space...any space! The family room, kitchen, bathroom, and a great travel companion. The best part? Fresh Wave is safe for the entire family including the fur babies.

Who is ready for a Fresh Wave "natural odor removing" giveaway??


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