So you think you can thrift? Eclectic Vintage.

I'm back with another edition of "So you think you can thrift?". This week we are talking eclectic vintage! I really scored some awesome finds last week and today it is show and share! I found one vintage piece and the others were modern finds. The most important point is that I got a fantastic deal on everything. I am going to start with my large Pfaltzgraff khaki-colored bowl. Priced at $10 with 50% off, so I got it for $5! Pfaltzgraff manufactures American kitchenware and is known for their practically indestructible dinnerware. "Practically" being the key word.

When you have a house full of boys, "well made" and virtually indestructible matters. Comparing the size of this massive bowl with prices online, I would say this bowl has a retail value of $50+. This is a great bowl for parties and would make a fine salad bowl. Right now, my large Summer squash has taken up residence and it looks quite smashing!

So you think you can thrift? Eclectic Vintage.
The next find is not very exciting, but I saved lots of money with this one! I found a three-section canvas laundry sorter. $80 estimated retail value. I paid $10. We sorely needed more than one laundry bin and this heavy duty laundry holder will ensure that we do not have laundry scattered to the fore winds! Cleanliness is not the ultimate goal at our house, but we are looking for a standard above "hobo status". The photo above is not the actual find, but it is very close. This is a Crate&Barrel number, but you get the point. Mine has an attached canvas lid, so you do not even have to look at the dirty laundry! This find will help me take laundry procrastination to a whole new "unsanitary" level.

The last, and perhaps the best find, is a 1970s "India Imports" dress! There was a small hole on the seam underneath the armpit that I quickly mended. This dress is 100% cotton and makes you feel like royalty. The dress is tailored beautifully with a free waist. I did not know when I picked up this dress that it was vintage. Closer inspection of the "India Imports" tag, with additional Google research, revealed that similar dresses were circa 1970s . So, it is my suspicion that this dress is indeed circa 1970s as well. I believe this dress would sell for at least $100+. I paid $10.

So you think you can thrift? Eclectic Vintage.
One more thang! If you live in Northern Virginia or close to Frederick, MD then you have an amazing eclectic vintage shop near you called Sweet Clover!! They are having a "Back to Style" event September 5th & 6th next month. If you love vintage shopping, you must stop by!


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