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The Atinga Project review & giveaway #SpreadTheTread

Treadsetter. from Atinga Team on Vimeo.

Even in the most dire situations, we can change our direction for the better. There is hope. Hope is a positive human element that drives us forward. For the artisans of Atinga(Ah-tinga), they are hand-crafting more than recycled taxi tires into beautiful footwear. They are hand-crafting their future. At Atinga, it is said you must, "walk a mile in their shoes". These artisans in Rwanda, East Africa run a business and support their family with their entrepreneurial endeavors. I could feel the love and positive vibrations radiating from these shoes as I retrieved them from their box. 30% of the profits from these shoes go back to the artisans, their families, and communities. All of the artisans are paid a fair wage. So, when you purchase your Atinga sandals you can be assured that you are supporting a local small business in Rwanda and that YOU are directly making a difference.

The Atinga Project review & giveaway #SpreadTheTread
The Atinga Project review & giveaway #SpreadTheTread
Atinga(Ah-tinga) means honor, dignity, and humility. Holding these shoes, I can feel everything. The pride in craftsmanship, the honor and dignity in providing for your family, and the humility of the shoemaker. I received the Atinga trail in a beautiful Jade green color. I could not get these strappy sandals on my feet any faster! They are beautiful, comfortable, and truly aesthetically pleasing. I do, however, need some practice lacing them up, but I am sure I will be an Atinga trail pro in no time!

Walking is a breeze with the Atinga trail sandals. I feel close to the earth and snug in my sandals. We have all walked many miles. Everyone on a different journey, but we are all connected. Now is the perfect time to invest in these beautiful shoes for you or a loved one. I can see them under the Christmas tree for many family members this year. Invest in a community when you are investing in your shoes. Invest in The Atinga Project. Are you ready to walk a mile in someone else's shoes? Win any pair of Atinga sandals! Winners Choice. Giveaway time. BOOM.

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