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Ghostly Apparition: A Halloween Story.
Disclaimer: This is a true story.

It seems appropriate that my ghostly apparition appear to me the week before Halloween. There are many times(almost every night) that I hear static or "mechanical-sounding" drips in our bedroom, but having a ghost whisper in my ear is something entirely new. First, let me share a little back story about where we live.

Our home resides in the historic town of Leesburg, VA, which is full of Civil War history. Leesburg was in a "precarious position"(according to Leesburg's online record of Civil War history), because we basically border on the North and the South line. During the Civil War, the online record also indicates that our city changed hands a record number of 150 times between the Union and Confederate sides. Back to my creepy house.

Our home is an old Victorian built in 1870 just after the ending of the Civil War. We only know a very brief history of the owners who lived here, but as you all know 1870 is a long time ago. When you move into an old home, it should be anticipated that it may contain lingering energy from past guests. Ours definitively has a guest. We have a young and curious spirit that "comes out to play" late at night. This young spirit has been trying to communicate with me ever since we arrived here in Leesburg several years ago and oddly enough, right around Halloween.

Static drips or "mechanical-sounding" drips in our bedroom is the norm. At first, I would run back and forth to our adjacent bathroom wondering why I cannot find out where the dripping is coming from. One day, I heard mechanical drips in succession ringing out in every corner of our bedroom. That is when I decided it was not our faucet.

Last night, I was awakened around 2 am and having difficulty getting back to sleep. I can barely see without my contacts, but I thought I saw something "misty" by my side of the bed. I ignored it and rolled over to cuddle with my husband. Then, I heard a voice of a young girl whisper in my ear. The whisper almost sounded as if from a slight distance. She said, "I want to know you". I also thought I heard "Why...", but I could not make out the rest of the sentence. Did it freak me out?

A little. However, this is obviously not a negative energy. If anything this experience leaves me with an answer and a few questions. For me, it confirms that there is an after-life. The question I have is why has this spirit become lost and trapped to wander the halls of our home? She does not seem to be distressed. Is it by choice? Have you or anyone you know had a ghostly encounter? If you are crazy, please feel free to go to a "crazy person" ghost forum instead of posting here. Happy Halloween everyone!
Hot Glue Halloween Nails
The devil really is in the details, especially when we are talking about Halloween night! Makeup, hair, nails, shoes, eyelashes, and accessories matter. I know you can buy glue on nails at the grocery store or Target, but have you ever considered making your own Halloween nails with hot glue? Sounds like too much work, right? Nope, not anymore work than meticulously gluing on your plastic nails that look cheap, unrealistic, and are falling right off in ten minutes anyway. My only work of caution. Be careful with that hot glue gun, so you don't have a nasty burn for the big Hallow's Eve night. Hold onto your seats, we are making nails out of hot glue.

What you need:
- Hot Glue Gun
- Hot Glue Sticks x 4
- Halloween Nail Polish(your choice, however, black is the best)
- Top Coat Nail Polish
- Nail File
- Scissors

First, make sure your nails are clean, dry, and free of nail polish. Take your nail file and gently file the entirety of your nail for good "hot glue" adhesion. PLUG IN your hot glue gun and keep it on the "low" setting. Wait 1 to 2 minutes. Put a thin lay of hot glue on your nail bed being careful of staying away from the surrounding skin. Do this with all 10 fingers and then UNPLUG your hot glue gun for 1 to 2 minutes.

Hot Glue Halloween Nails
Next, PLUG IN your hot glue gun and keep it on the "low" setting. Wait 2 minutes. Use gravity on this step and allow the hot glue to drip down toward the tip of your nails. Again, be careful and stay away from the surrounding skin. Work quickly to cover all 10 nails then UNPLUG your hot glue gun.

Hot Glue Halloween Nails
Lastly, PLUG IN your hot glue gun and keep it on the "low" setting. Wait 2 minutes. It is time to shape those nails with tip of the hot glue gun. I would also go back to the tips of the nails to define the tips. You may think they look a little gnarly, but they are Halloween nails and gnarly is what we are trying to achieve.
Hot Glue Halloween Nails
Let your nails dry and paint your nails per usual. Pay attention to the sides and underneath the tips. They look awesome right!? Word of caution: If you get a nail caught on something it will rip right off. Also, keep them as dry as possible. I hope these DIY Halloween nails make you the creepiest guest at this year's Halloween party. Happy haunting everyone!

DIY Roman Soldier Helmet
The base of this costume is from Amazon. I simply did not have the time to create the entire outfit from scratch. The helmet we received was beyond lame. My boys needed warrior helmets! Where is the fur, the feathers, the pizzazz? I thought, we can do better than that! This project takes under an hour to complete with a hand drill and half the day with a manual screw driver. I took both roads and believe me when I say the hand drill will save you tons of precious time. The first thing you need to do is stop at the craft store for two packs of feathers. We chose a traditional black & red. Two packs will yield one super-awesome warrior's helmet.
DIY Roman Soldier Helmet
What do you need?
- Hot Glue Gun
- Hand Drill
- Feathers(2 colors of choice)

DIY Roman Soldier Helmet
DIY Roman Soldier Helmet
This project works best if you have a helmet that looks similar to the Castle Toy Roman soldier play set seen here. The top "faux feather" portion is hollow and perfect for drilling holes . Word of caution, be careful drilling your holes...sure would be fun explaining that ER visit. I drilled 4 holes across for each row. I kept the rows about an inch apart going the whole way to the back. The area gets more slender heading towards the back, so I eventually did 3 rows of holes, 2, and then 1.

After drilling the holes, it is time to warm up the trusty hot glue gun. Also, grab your feathers. I like to position the feathers in the helmet and hot gluing(one row at a time) around the base of the feather, but please do what works for you! I cannot believe how easy this project was and as you can see the feathers really make the difference between realistic warrior and people asking, "What are you dressed as little fella?".
DIY Devil Horns
If you are going to be something dark, evil, and Epic for Halloween perhaps you should try the original dark angel: Lucifer! Dark angel, "The" Dark Angel, Satan himself, and ultimately the evil entity that represents Hallow's Eve. The Devil is a classic and easy costume that cannot be beat, but you must have an awesome pair of Devil's horns. To be honest, I have been known to make a mean pair of Devil's horns. And by "mean", I mean totally awesome! You cannot simply buy a spectacular pair of Devil's horns at Walmart or even online. Take a minute and Google search "Devil's horns" to view the lame Devil's horns you would be purchasing. No my friends, you must create that "wow factor" yourself and I am going to show you how to do it. You need the best Devil's horns in town for the big Halloween night, but you better get started right now. These horns take at least a week to finish, but the wait is absolutely worth it!

What you need:
- White "Super Light" Air Sculpting Clay
- Paint(color of choice)
- Glitter(color of choice)
- Head Band
- Hot Glue Gun
- Multi-purpose Clear Sealant(located in the painting section)

DIY Devil Horns 
You can find all the needed items to make your horns at your local craft store. First, Mold your Devil's horns to the shape you desire. I usually break one air sculpting clay pack in half and mold each horn individually. I like the classic horn shape(as seen), but you can get as crazy as you like. I thought of doing something more twisted or horns resembling rams horns. The design portion is whatever suits your fancy. Use a tiny bit of water on your finger tips to keep the clay smooth. After you achieve your desired shape, press the bottoms lightly to your head band and let dry overnight. In the AM, flip your horns over to let them dry as evenly as possible. This process might take several days. Be patient and let those horns dry! Depending on how thick you make your horns, the drying process might take 4 to 7 days.

Next, use your sealant to harden your horns! Let them dry completely. Next, start to paint your horns with the color of your choice. Cover your horns with glitter as you go.

Third, Let dry completely and add a second layer of sealant to your horns. Cover your horns with additional glitter as you go. Let dry overnight.

DIY Devil Horns
Finally, hot glue those bad boys to your head band. Hot glue around the base to fill any gaps and be sure to cover any additional hot glue with glitter. When applying the horns, give yourself more space then you think. In fact, test the spacing by looking in the mirror and holding the horns up to see where you should glue them. When you put on your head band the horns will be closer together as the head band expands to fit your noggin. See the YouTube video below for additional information. Happy Halloween preparation my little Devils!

DIY Halloween Paper Wheel
These paper wheels are outta this world and very appropriate for Hallow's Eve! The idea came to me as I was painting some tree branches black. I was using a large paper lawn bag to protect my table and as I looked at the black-glittery mess a disturbing light bulb went off: PAPER WHEEL!!!! Of course, I have never made a paper wheel in my life...but that hardly matters. These paper wheels turned out very thick and textured...they look incredible! This is an Eco-friendly and thrifty way to liven up your home for Halloween. Best of all? Not a lick of skill is required(my favorite part). After you are done, simply recycle or stow away your paper wheels for next season! Let's do it...step by easy step.

Items you will need(ONE lawn bag makes FOUR medium paper wheels): 
-Paint Brushes
-Paper Lawn Bag
-Hot Glue Sticks & Gun

1.) Hap-haphazardly paint and glitter a large paper lawn bag. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but try to leave some dark and light space for a beautiful contrast. not paint the whole bag one solid color.

 2.) Let the bag dry, then cut the entire painted and glittered side off the large lawn bag. Make sure you have a single sheet. Do not fold up the enter bag!

3.) Fold the sheet accordion-style the whole way to the end.

4.) Fold the accordion strip in half.

5.) Take your scissors and poke a hole through the middle(carefully, so you don't hurt yo-self).

6.) Take a large piece of string or yarn and knot it in the middle. This is how you will hang your paper wheel when you are done.

7.) Take your two accordion ends, fan them out, and hot glue the ends together. Glue any lingering paper pieces that need glued to make your paper wheel look like a "paper wheel".

That is that. Directly above is the YouTube video so that you can see the steps in LIVE YouTube action! These Halloween paper wheels are really quite simple and the result is shockingly eerie and stunningly beautiful! The month of Halloween has just begun my friends. Expect many more creative Halloween ideas all month long. Stay spooky my friends.
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