DIY Devil Horns

DIY Devil Horns
If you are going to be something dark, evil, and Epic for Halloween perhaps you should try the original dark angel: Lucifer! Dark angel, "The" Dark Angel, Satan himself, and ultimately the evil entity that represents Hallow's Eve. The Devil is a classic and easy costume that cannot be beat, but you must have an awesome pair of Devil's horns. To be honest, I have been known to make a mean pair of Devil's horns. And by "mean", I mean totally awesome! You cannot simply buy a spectacular pair of Devil's horns at Walmart or even online. Take a minute and Google search "Devil's horns" to view the lame Devil's horns you would be purchasing. No my friends, you must create that "wow factor" yourself and I am going to show you how to do it. You need the best Devil's horns in town for the big Halloween night, but you better get started right now. These horns take at least a week to finish, but the wait is absolutely worth it!

What you need:
- White "Super Light" Air Sculpting Clay
- Paint(color of choice)
- Glitter(color of choice)
- Head Band
- Hot Glue Gun
- Multi-purpose Clear Sealant(located in the painting section)

DIY Devil Horns 
You can find all the needed items to make your horns at your local craft store. First, Mold your Devil's horns to the shape you desire. I usually break one air sculpting clay pack in half and mold each horn individually. I like the classic horn shape(as seen), but you can get as crazy as you like. I thought of doing something more twisted or horns resembling rams horns. The design portion is whatever suits your fancy. Use a tiny bit of water on your finger tips to keep the clay smooth. After you achieve your desired shape, press the bottoms lightly to your head band and let dry overnight. In the AM, flip your horns over to let them dry as evenly as possible. This process might take several days. Be patient and let those horns dry! Depending on how thick you make your horns, the drying process might take 4 to 7 days.

Next, use your sealant to harden your horns! Let them dry completely. Next, start to paint your horns with the color of your choice. Cover your horns with glitter as you go.

Third, Let dry completely and add a second layer of sealant to your horns. Cover your horns with additional glitter as you go. Let dry overnight.

DIY Devil Horns
Finally, hot glue those bad boys to your head band. Hot glue around the base to fill any gaps and be sure to cover any additional hot glue with glitter. When applying the horns, give yourself more space then you think. In fact, test the spacing by looking in the mirror and holding the horns up to see where you should glue them. When you put on your head band the horns will be closer together as the head band expands to fit your noggin. See the YouTube video below for additional information. Happy Halloween preparation my little Devils!


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