DIY Halloween Paper Wheel

DIY Halloween Paper Wheel
These paper wheels are outta this world and very appropriate for Hallow's Eve! The idea came to me as I was painting some tree branches black. I was using a large paper lawn bag to protect my table and as I looked at the black-glittery mess a disturbing light bulb went off: PAPER WHEEL!!!! Of course, I have never made a paper wheel in my life...but that hardly matters. These paper wheels turned out very thick and textured...they look incredible! This is an Eco-friendly and thrifty way to liven up your home for Halloween. Best of all? Not a lick of skill is required(my favorite part). After you are done, simply recycle or stow away your paper wheels for next season! Let's do it...step by easy step.

Items you will need(ONE lawn bag makes FOUR medium paper wheels): 
-Paint Brushes
-Paper Lawn Bag
-Hot Glue Sticks & Gun

1.) Hap-haphazardly paint and glitter a large paper lawn bag. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but try to leave some dark and light space for a beautiful contrast. not paint the whole bag one solid color.

 2.) Let the bag dry, then cut the entire painted and glittered side off the large lawn bag. Make sure you have a single sheet. Do not fold up the enter bag!

3.) Fold the sheet accordion-style the whole way to the end.

4.) Fold the accordion strip in half.

5.) Take your scissors and poke a hole through the middle(carefully, so you don't hurt yo-self).

6.) Take a large piece of string or yarn and knot it in the middle. This is how you will hang your paper wheel when you are done.

7.) Take your two accordion ends, fan them out, and hot glue the ends together. Glue any lingering paper pieces that need glued to make your paper wheel look like a "paper wheel".

That is that. Directly above is the YouTube video so that you can see the steps in LIVE YouTube action! These Halloween paper wheels are really quite simple and the result is shockingly eerie and stunningly beautiful! The month of Halloween has just begun my friends. Expect many more creative Halloween ideas all month long. Stay spooky my friends.


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