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DIY Roman Soldier Helmet

DIY Roman Soldier Helmet
The base of this costume is from Amazon. I simply did not have the time to create the entire outfit from scratch. The helmet we received was beyond lame. My boys needed warrior helmets! Where is the fur, the feathers, the pizzazz? I thought, we can do better than that! This project takes under an hour to complete with a hand drill and half the day with a manual screw driver. I took both roads and believe me when I say the hand drill will save you tons of precious time. The first thing you need to do is stop at the craft store for two packs of feathers. We chose a traditional black & red. Two packs will yield one super-awesome warrior's helmet.
DIY Roman Soldier Helmet
What do you need?
- Hot Glue Gun
- Hand Drill
- Feathers(2 colors of choice)

DIY Roman Soldier Helmet
DIY Roman Soldier Helmet
This project works best if you have a helmet that looks similar to the Castle Toy Roman soldier play set seen here. The top "faux feather" portion is hollow and perfect for drilling holes . Word of caution, be careful drilling your holes...sure would be fun explaining that ER visit. I drilled 4 holes across for each row. I kept the rows about an inch apart going the whole way to the back. The area gets more slender heading towards the back, so I eventually did 3 rows of holes, 2, and then 1.

After drilling the holes, it is time to warm up the trusty hot glue gun. Also, grab your feathers. I like to position the feathers in the helmet and hot gluing(one row at a time) around the base of the feather, but please do what works for you! I cannot believe how easy this project was and as you can see the feathers really make the difference between realistic warrior and people asking, "What are you dressed as little fella?".

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