Ghostly Apparition: A Halloween Story.

Ghostly Apparition: A Halloween Story.
Disclaimer: This is a true story.

It seems appropriate that my ghostly apparition appear to me the week before Halloween. There are many times(almost every night) that I hear static or "mechanical-sounding" drips in our bedroom, but having a ghost whisper in my ear is something entirely new. First, let me share a little back story about where we live.

Our home resides in the historic town of Leesburg, VA, which is full of Civil War history. Leesburg was in a "precarious position"(according to Leesburg's online record of Civil War history), because we basically border on the North and the South line. During the Civil War, the online record also indicates that our city changed hands a record number of 150 times between the Union and Confederate sides. Back to my creepy house.

Our home is an old Victorian built in 1870 just after the ending of the Civil War. We only know a very brief history of the owners who lived here, but as you all know 1870 is a long time ago. When you move into an old home, it should be anticipated that it may contain lingering energy from past guests. Ours definitively has a guest. We have a young and curious spirit that "comes out to play" late at night. This young spirit has been trying to communicate with me ever since we arrived here in Leesburg several years ago and oddly enough, right around Halloween.

Static drips or "mechanical-sounding" drips in our bedroom is the norm. At first, I would run back and forth to our adjacent bathroom wondering why I cannot find out where the dripping is coming from. One day, I heard mechanical drips in succession ringing out in every corner of our bedroom. That is when I decided it was not our faucet.

Last night, I was awakened around 2 am and having difficulty getting back to sleep. I can barely see without my contacts, but I thought I saw something "misty" by my side of the bed. I ignored it and rolled over to cuddle with my husband. Then, I heard a voice of a young girl whisper in my ear. The whisper almost sounded as if from a slight distance. She said, "I want to know you". I also thought I heard "Why...", but I could not make out the rest of the sentence. Did it freak me out?

A little. However, this is obviously not a negative energy. If anything this experience leaves me with an answer and a few questions. For me, it confirms that there is an after-life. The question I have is why has this spirit become lost and trapped to wander the halls of our home? She does not seem to be distressed. Is it by choice? Have you or anyone you know had a ghostly encounter? If you are crazy, please feel free to go to a "crazy person" ghost forum instead of posting here. Happy Halloween everyone!


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