How to Use & Make Smudge Sticks

How to Make & Use a Smudge Stick
First off, you might not even know what a smudge stick is. A smudge stick is typically made of sage and looks like an earthy wand. It is used for the cleansing and clearing of negativity. Winter is quickly closing in and I have a bountiful herb garden growing in our backyard. Before the first real frost, I thought it a good idea to make as many smudge sticks as I could before winter when my sage will be in hibernation. I also had the inclination to use peppermint, a few lingering sprigs of lavender, and some calendula. Before I used those herbs, I needed to know the meaning of every herb I included to make sure this is something I wanted in my smudge stick.

The herbs I used in my smudge sticks(The herb meanings minus calendula were researched from this blog).

Desert Sage: used to drive out bad spirits, feelings, and influences. An important, strong, and herbaceous Native American plant. Burning for wealth, wisdom, knowledge, protection, and purification.

Peppermint: used for healing, protection, prosperity, growth, and renewal.

Lavender: used in love and healing rituals. Used to attract and protect relationships. Promotes sleep and peacefulness.

Lemongrass: used for psychic awareness and purification. 

Calendula: the states that calendula is used to bring comfort to those who are nervous and prone to fear. It is also used to temper anger and rash behavior.

When choosing your smudge stick ingredients. I believe you should follow your intuition while building your smudge sticks. I knew sage was good choice for cleansing negative energy, but all the other herbs I chose were on instinct. They are probably just the herbs I need right now for healing and cleansing. Calendula is something I desperately need in my smudge sticks right now.

How do you make your smudge stick? Making a smudge stick does not require a degree in aerospace engineering. Find cotton string and wrap your sticks tightly. Snip any dangling herbs and string with scissors. If you can wait, allow your smudge stick to dry for 2 to 3 weeks.

How to use your smudge sticks. Light the top of your smudge stick and let it burn. You can place it on a plate or take it to a particular room to cleanse negative energy. I suggest you follow your heart and do what feels right. There are many rituals for cleansing and I am not going to sit here and tell you that one way IS the way, because that is just not true.

Good luck making and using your smudge sticks. Do thorough research if you are looking to take it to the next level and do a cleansing ritual for yourself or your home.


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