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Find your Perfect Healing Crystal for this Moment

Find your Perfect Healing Crystal for this Moment
If finding the perfect healing crystals were as easy as looking into a crystal ball, then we would be done here. Although, it is not terribly complex either...if you follow your intuition. My journey with crystals is one of respect, love, and utter fascination. It all started with Southwest turquoise and an heirloom tiger eye necklace...the rest they say is history. Now, I want to help others discover the beautiful energy within each crystal and gemstone. Not all crystals, but the one that is right for you...right now.

Find your Perfect Healing Crystal for this Moment
Each crystal has magical properties and energy that you can use for your present needs. Perhaps, you are a worrier or need more serenity in your life. There is a gemstone or crystal for whatever is ailing you most in your present life. As I say, "There's a crystal for that!" It is my job to use my intuition to guide you on your quest to find the best crystals for your present day needs. Simply call me your personal crystal consultant.

If you are just getting started with healing crystals, I have a few recommendation to help you find and learn to use your personal healing crystals. First, invest in a good reference book. I recommend Cassandra Eason's Healing Crystals guide book to get you started. Next, find a local crystal shop on Etsy. Preferably, an Etsy shop that has a real eclectic array of crystals(meaning they travel to find these beauties). My favorites are GemGemRock and One With Gems. Seek out a crystal consultant(*cough* me) for real-time advice on crystals that you need in your life right now. Finally, use the "Google" to locate upcoming crystal fairs or expos. Visit the Crystal Estuary to get your crystal consultation today and to find your perfect crystal. The crystal you seek also seeks you.

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