Red Phantom Quartz for a Spiritual & Healing Journey

Ghost Quartz for a Spiritual & Healing Journey
Recently, my new Red Ghost Quartz crystal(or formally known as a Red Phantom Quartz crystal) came in the mail Friday from GemGemRock on Etsy. This crystal is utterly fascinating! There is a growth starting and stopping process that allows another mineral to start forming inside. According to Kacha Stones, The red phantom quartz contains properties of limonite, kaolinite and hematite. These are supposedly rare phantom crystals. The rarity is not nearly as important to me as the way the phantom crystal grows or pauses in growth. The initiating and ceasing of growth reminds me of my own spiritual healing journey. You will have challenges or places you must stop and rest along the way, but then you have opportunities for huge personal and spiritual growth to form. 

Why would you use a Red Phantom crystal? Red Phantom crystals will help to re-connect the body with the soul for emotional healing and clearing, assists with meditation, and connecting with your spiritual guides.

Another thing of note, is the Red Ghost Quartz crystal works with the lower chakras. So, if you are having grounding issues or particular stagnation with the first three chakras then this is an amazing crystal to add to your arsenal. I thought this next portion by Healing with Crystals was particularly important information on the Red Phantom crystal: 
"Opens and releases memories. feelings and pictures of past traumas and emotional pain in this life; heals and releases anger, rage, resentment, terror, fear and confusion; aids the recovery process for sexual abuse survivors and those who were abandoned or abused as children; heals a hurt inner child by awakening your ability to feel and process what had to be blocked to survive; heals the emotional body."
Red Ghost Quartz fun facts via Cassandra Eason's Healing Crystals guide book: A traditional ghost hunter tool. Apparently, you can see benign ghosts or spirits while looking through the crystal. Thought to be a home to fairies, angels, or earth spirits. This is a stone of the earth. I have heard two ways to re-energize these crystals. First, use hot steam. The second method, I believe, is the way to go. Take your Phantom Quartz outside and set it in the earth. Let the sun re-energize this truly important healing crystal.

If you on a journey for self-healing and spiritual enlightenment, then I highly suggest investing in a Ghost Quartz crystal. If you need assistance selecting the right crystals for your personal needs, please visit my Etsy shop the Crystal Estuary for a personal crystal consultation.


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