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A Mantra of Self-Discovery

A Mantra of Self-Discovery
Just create a mantra. Easier said than done. A mantra is defined by Merriam-Webster as, "a mystical formula of invocation or incantation (as in Hinduism)." A mantra is a positive saying and something that you resound during prayer or meditation. A few months ago. I sought to create a mantra for myself and found great difficulty in doing so. I researched on Google what typical mantras looked like, but found myself just reciting someone else's, which by the way is completely "missing the point". I stopped and focused on the basics of stillness, staying grounded, and being present. I meditated, cleared my chakras, and went to yoga daily. The focus is balance and caring for myself.

Enlightenment is fraught with challenges, mostly what you create for yourself. I am in the process of "peeling the layers" as my reiki master Brunce Winkle puts it. Layers of stagnation, negativity, and negative thought processes. More than ever, I am thinking about what I do and more importantly WHY I do it. That "why" has led me to a deeper observation of myself....who am I really? To look at yourself: the good, bad, and ugly with clear-open eyes is very difficult and not for the faint of heart. Forgetting who I think that I am and letting go of things I no longer need is necessary to make room for spiritual growth. "Letting go" is a different post altogether!
A Mantra of Self-Discovery
How to create a mantra? Don't. Let it create you. Meaning, when you are ready for your mantra it will come to you. You will think it or say it (inside or out) and say to yourself, "A-ha, that's it!". Your mantra or mantras will resonate with you completely. Your mantra is you, what you stand for, and perhaps (as in my case) a gentle reminder of what you need to be thinking about yourself. "I am" is the strongest combination of two words within the cosmos. So, choose your mantra wisely, gently, and in your own time.

Start with being kind and gentle in your words with regards to yourself and others. Self-love and self-respect come first before you can extend it to people around you. Good Luck with your journey and remember that you are beautiful, indeed one of a kind.

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