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Woodroze Sunglasses Spring Break 2016 Giveaway

Woodroze Sunglasses Spring Break 2016 Giveaway
Okay, so I'm not actually sitting on a sunny beach in Miami, but that's not important right now. What is important is where are you going for Spring Break and what are you bringing with you? Leave your man at home and let's talk about Spring Break necessities. What do you NEED to pack for Spring Break? Answer: Hot swimsuit and sunglasses. Really(besides your girlfriends), do you need anything else? Okay, maybe a pair of clean underwear for the ride home, but that part is totally optional. Woodroze is your direct source for rad Eco-conscious sunglasses that will have all of your friends saying, "Where did you get your sunglasses" AND "Are those made of wood"? You bet your tight ass they are!
Woodroze Sunglasses Spring Break 2016 Giveaway
Woodroze sunglasses transcend time and place. I love(to the heavens) the retro feel of their new hy-brid series. Joi is the "fashion forward" pair you see me wearing here. The exterior of these sunglasses are layered with blue jean denim. The denim gives these sunglasses a slight texture and lovely "laid-back" mood. The striking blue lenses are constructed with polycarbonate, which makes them shatter-proof and scratch resistant. The most important part is your eyes are 100% protected from the UVA/UVB rays of Spring Break sunshine.

Woodroze Sunglasses Spring Break 2016 Giveaway
 *Dress by Murva Design*

As a college student, I am aware that your sunglasses are going to get smashed into the bottom of your pants pockets, large tote bags, and inevitably sat on. Have no fear my beer guzzling friends, these Eco-conscious wooden frames hold up to the test. I have been a Woodroze user since the Summer of 2012 and I have done all the above several times over(not recommended). These sunglasses are sturdy and made to last! My pair from 2014 is still ticking and looking as retro fabulous as ever.

Are you a water sports enthusiast, fisherman, or a crazy BMX rider? Woodroze sunglasses are for you: the seekers, shakers, and movers of the world. Don't just sit there, get out and explore. And if you drop them in the water during your adventures, don't fret they float!

Woodroze Sunglasses Spring Break 2016 Giveaway
You know what, Woodroze wants to help you pack your bags for Spring Break 2016. One US winner will win a pair of Joi(yep, the one I'm wearing)! I am truly jumping for joy on your behalf. You are welcome, now go enter below!

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