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FEAR: How to drive our way through that scary word.
Fear is something, I myself, have been in denial of for a very long time. "I'm not scared". "I'm not afraid of anything"! About a month ago, when I told my reiki master Bruce Winkle that "I'm not scared of anything"!  He smiled and said, "That's the external talking, look inside". Looking inside was something I did not want to do. Fear. Let's say it again: FEAR. Fear is a terrifying 4-letter word. When I looked inside, that's exactly what I saw.....a shit ton of fear. However, on the bright side, the first step to getting rid of the dreaded fear is acknowledging that it is there in the first place. Hello fear and good bye!

Okay, so the fear is acknowledged. How do you get rid of the darn thing? Sit with it. Meditate with it. Exercise with it. Sleep with it. Think about it. Why do you have so much fear? What are you really afraid of? I bet everything you fear is 100 percent out of your control...most things are. Once you put your faith and trust in the universe, in your ancestors, in your archangels, and in God I bet your fear will start taking residence elsewhere. You know what else will leave next? Anxiety. A to the MEN!

So, where are we driving this fear? Out of our bodies. Peace, happiness, and balance cannot reside simultaneously with fear. This black stain on our aura must be driven out. When we let go of control, we let go of fear. At the same time, we make room for beautiful and positive changes in our lives. For each moment is precious and life is incredibly short. If we give fear the wheel, it will be driving us down to 7-eleven for slurpee's and nasty over-cooked hot dogs. Get on your yoga mat or take a long walk in nature. How do you feel now? For who can have anxiety and fear surrounded by cardinals and tulips?

Before you go to sleep each night, check in with your body. If you feel something like fear or anxiety, I want you to talk to your body. I let go of my fear. I let go of my anxiety. I imagine a hand inside of my body letting go a little at a time. Sounds a little fanciful, but darn it if it works! One day soon, you will say, "I let go of my fear" and it will be so.

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Art by Maria Jose Mallol

My wisdom regarding spirit animal guides comes from personal experience. I have received a crash course in the basics of spirit animal guides and wanted to share what I have discovered. Over the past several months, more than a dozen animal guides have come to guide me and impart wisdom. You can say, this is a pivotal time in my healing and spiritual growth process. I want to discuss not only how you can find your spirit animal guides, but also how you can decipher the wisdom they are trying to impart. Intuition is a key aspect, but there are other ways you can decipher and keep track of key "talking points" from your animal spirit guides. Keep your heart open and when you need help, if you seek, they will come to you. Remember, all things come when you are ready. Be patient, present, and grounded. Some of the tips below are inspired by my mentor and Reiki Master Bruce Winkle.

Spirit animal guides can come from both internal and external sources. Meaning: do not disregard nature. The wisdom you seek is not always within. That cardinal that always comes to your window has something to say. If it is significant to you, look up the meaning. Perhaps, they have a message for you. Look around you, and above all, use your intuition.

Next, Get a good book on spirit animal guides. I purchased the recommended book Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer, PHD and found it to be very informative and concise. However, I go to the blog Shamanic Journey for more in-depth information. Please note: Do not take everything your spirit animal guide book has to say verbatim. Not everything will apply to you. You must use your intuition. Go with the sentence that stands out the most. Do you feel tingling down your back? That's the portions that apply to you.

You have a power animal. A power animal sounds sorta silly, but you do. You have an animal that is with you always. This is my intuitive feeling and belief. It is the animal in which you rely on and that you think about first when you need guidance.

You have more than one animal spirit guide and they will arise as you need their wisdom. I certainly found that out this week. Fox, Robin, Cardinal, Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Fox, Bear, Owl, Wolf, and whew! An entire menagerie for me this week. What do you do if the above happens? See the next tip below.

Buy a journal(A Bruce tip). However, I hate journaling. Writing in a journal is something I have not done since my teenage years, but it has proved to be incredibly helpful! Blogging is how I get my stories out and plus I get to share what is happening with all of you! The point is, you need to get it out and down somewhere. That way you have a point of reference. You will refer back to your journal to make a connection between two seemingly disconnected things.

How to find your animal spirit guides? I do believe they find you when you are ready. Keep your heart open. Trying using a crystal to connect with your animal spirit guides while in meditation. Check out my post about Phantom crystals, they are wonderful crystals for this purpose.

This last bit may seem like a shocker, but your animal spirit guide is not going to give you a definitive answer to your problems. They are supportive spirits and there to guide you. Guide only. You must come to your own conclusions, after all, this is your journey.

Enjoy the journey.

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