How to Gain Clarity through Confusion

How to Gain Clarity through Confusion
Everything happens for a reason. Both the good and the bad. That is a hard pill to swallow some days. I did a tarot reading last week with my Chakra Wisom Oracle deck and do you know which card stood out among the rest? Confusion. A woman standing in a swirling cloud of cool smoke...shivering in the uncertainty. Yep, I am feeling a whole lot of confusion this week. I am frustrated, mildly anxious, and confused all gently rolled into one messy burrito. So...I must "talk the talk and walk the walk" with my own advice this week.

Hey, it's Monday! I bet you are you already thinking ahead to your full week of jam-packed activities and endless hustle? Stop it. Sit with me. Listen and look around you. Take the small amount of time you have to rejuvenate both your mind and body. Someone told me this week, they do not have the time to go to a Reiki class for several weeks because they are too busy. Listen, we all lead busy modern day lives! What you are really saying is that you do not have time to take care of yourself. Dedicate and set aside just a few minutes for yourself, so that you may feel re-energized and ready to give of yourself...not from your excess reserves or(for some of us) no reserves at all.

Be still. Are you able to just sit with your confusion? Sometimes action is required, but when we are confused action can result in even more confusion. Sometimes, we must let our thoughts clarify themselves through good-old-fashioned patience. Patience is something I have a mild to moderate amount of and perhaps this is a lesson in patience for me as well. Regardless, lots of meditation is in my near future. Are you going through a confusing time right now? Please tell me about it! Perhaps together, we can both find clarity.


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