The Importance of Staying Grounded: The Root Chakra

The Importance of Staying Grounded: The Root Chakra
If you are on a spiritual or healing journey, it is important to "stay grounded". Being grounded means that you are completely in your body and in the present moment. After many days of meditation, I could not ground myself no matter how hard I was maddening! If you are not grounded, you feel like you are floating, dizzy, and moody. If you are not grounded, you are not fully experiencing life in the present moment. I tried a few different techniques to ground myself.

First, I desperately tried to use Reiki and flow energy from the earth and into my Then, I tried standing with my bare feet on the Earth for some meditation. I still could not ground myself. Next, I tried eating some "grounding" junk food and that did not work either. After that, I tried clearing my vain! Note: If you are not completely grounded, you cannot effectively clear your chakras! Finally...I went to yoga and felt much better, but not entirely.

Desperate to ground myself, I started doing research on "Grounding Techniques"(most of which, I already tried!). That is when I came back to it: meditation. Not just any meditation, however, a spectacular meditation video entitled "Very Powerful Root Chakra Healing". This video is a quick 20- minute meditation. I felt my root chakra open and then I felt energy going up to each of the seven chakras clearing them all! Persistence pays off and I definitely wanted to share this amazing root chakra healing video with you:

What else did I learn this week? To be patient, present, and persistent. Keeping my head in the clouds with existential thoughts was not helping me stay grounded. I stopped blogging for awhile and reading about metaphysical things. I stopped using crystals and tarot cards. Guess what? I felt grounded! If you are looking for some grounding crystals, I recommend Tibetan Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, and Tigers Eye. I would love to hear about ways that you keep yourself grounded too! Any ideas, tips, or tricks? Please leave a comment below!


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