About Death

About Death
Currently, our family has been dealing with some "tough stuff". Death or the talk of death is not one that is readily accepted. We must hide our grief behind closed doors and with immediate family members only. Openly talking about the process of death is both a faux pas and one not deemed necessary.

It is of my personal opinion that we are both lucky and unlucky to see death coming. Lucky in the respect that you have time to "say goodbye" to all your close family and friends. The unlucky part is perhaps the suffering, but even more so is the thought process that you will in fact die. IT is scary. What will become of your soul following the death of your Earthly skin and bones?

Again, it is of my personal opinion and belief that we have somewhere to go following our death. Call it heaven if you will, but there is something. There has to be. I remember this year crying out to God in grief and sadness. I asked him whether or not I should continue writing my book about my breakdown and to give me a sign.

Later that day, I sat in the carpool line waiting for my son when a big black crow perches on a sign next to our car. I thought this is my sign. Then I thought, fly back three times. The crow proceeds to fly back and forth to the sign an exact number of three times and then flew off. I meet with a shaman. She recently scolded me and inquired as to why I stopped writing?

The creative process has died. I simply felt uninspired. Until today, it is both life and death that rekindle these literary flames. Every breath is precious, down till the very last gasping breath. We all have our time and in that time of death we have lessons to learn and things still to do. Our life is carefully orchestrated so that we may learn what is needed and perhaps carry that over into the next life.

Until death greets us all, enjoy the roller coaster ride that is life.


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