How To Find Your Spirit Animals

How to Find Your Spirit Animal
Photography by Second Ave Photography

"The animals which are our totems are mirrors to us. They reflect lessons we need to learn and abilities we can most easily develop" - Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

What is all this talk about spirit animals?! How do you actually find your spirit or totem animals? This post is for those of you who have absolutely no experience with spirit animals and want to dive right in! First, I want you to imagine yourself as a child at the zoo. Which animal or animals did you have an affinity for? That is a great starting place in discovering your first spirit animal or power animal. Your power animal is your spirit animal that stays with you for life. Secondly, you have many spirit animals that will come and go in your life as you need them.

Do you have any recurring animal dreams or any animals that come to you during meditations? That is a good sign or indication that those animals are a part of your totem! What about nature itself? Did you have a butterfly land on your nose today? Do you have a crow that visits you every morning? Well guess what?! They could also be a part of your animal spirit crew. It could also be as simple as the animal that you have a pure love for. Do you adore wolves or owls? Those animals could be in your totem too!

"Our totems help us to recognize our opportunities in life. They help define who we are and how to succeed. Their individual abilities reflect our own innate ones." - Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

Now that you have a few potential spirit what? Now, you research your animals! Learn about their behaviors. What do they like to eat? How do they socialize? Learn all of their positive and negative traits. All of this information can help you manifest positive things in your life and help you understand "you" better. For more information on spirit animal guides try the book Animal Spirit Guides by Stephen D. Farmer.


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