Orion's Roots: Organic Fashion

Organic Fashion
2017 and Eco fashion will go hand in hand this year. One of my favorite Eco designers of 2017 is Orion's Roots! They boast 100% Organic cotton grown "made in the USA" fabrics. These fabrics are hand dyed using natural materials such as organic safflower, organic black beans, and organic indigo. Their clothing is sewn in organic thread and always cruelty free. Everything is hand dyed in small quantities.

Orion's Roots dye baths are earth safe too! When the dye bath is done they use it to fertilize their organic trees and crops. Their sewing machines are also solar powered. They save all waste to be used for future projects. Orion Root's is committed to making fashion environmentally conscious as well as fashionable.
Organic Fashion
Organic Fashion
Let's talk about Orion's Roots leggings! Who doesn't love leggings? These leggings are oh so comfortable and for $30 a complete and total steal. The color palette is a bluish-grey and goes with almost anything. Don't hesitate to give these leggings a whirl. What about the stylish moto jacket?

The moto jacket is flowing and free! Perfect for Spring or even Winter layering. Paired seamlessly with Orion's Roots cozy tank and you are ready to go!

LIVE footage of Orion's Roots sustainable and Organic clothing line!


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