PurUrth Cosmetics Review

PurUrth Cosmetics Review
Pictured above is the Organic Botanical Mist + Toner.
PurUrth Cosmetics purpose is to educate, empower, and create confidence in anybody who desires the best for themselves. They accomplish this mission by offering truly natural, organic, and bio-dynamic ingredients for both skincare and makeup. They offer a simple and effective approach to skincare. Their products and ingredients are the perfect partner for spas and aestheticians. Want to order? Go to PurUrth's Facebook page and send them a PM!
PurUrth Cosmetics Review
Featuring PurUrth Cosmetics: A Solid Foundation in Alabaster, Natural Cheek Tint in Merlot, Lip Love, and Mountain High Eye Shadow.
PurUrth Cosmetics Review
Loose Powder(Mica) Eye Shadows
I have tried the beautiful emerald green shade of "Mountain High" and the majestic purple color known as "Eyes-Ready". I love love love love love them both. Did I say I love these eye shades? They give you a pop of color and blend magnificently well. The stay power is strong all day.

Organic Botanical Mist + Toner
Comprised of Organic Neroli + Bulgarian Rose! You will not want to spritz anything else on your face after trying this incredible toner. It is light, refreshing, and feels utterly spectacular. My skin has been break-out free and smooth as a baby's bottom ever since using this product.

I adore this product! This is probably my favorite product from PurUrth Cosmetics. This balm is luscious and make your lips silky smooth. Perfect for all year round. I am using Lip Love in place of my favorite lip sticks. You cannot help but LOVE Lip Love!

Ever-lasting Miracle Balm
Whether you are going make-up free or prepping for a big night out, you will want to use this balm first! Light and silky smooth. This balm sinks in your skin fast leaving it smooth and hydrated. I am very impressed with this balm...I just wish I had more! This balm is comprised of skin-loving ingredients such as: Immortelle, Sea Buckthorn CO2, Rosehip CO2, Foraha Oil, Comfrey, Virgin Coconut Oil, Calendula CO2, Lavender

PurUrth Cosmetics Review
Blush for Me
I tried two "Blush for Me" blush variants. The first is the Natural Lip Cheek Tint in Merlot, which I love. See the photo above! It is light and natural looking, but you can definitely tell it is there! This product is Vegan and Gluten-Free. Comprised mostly of Castor Seed Oil. It is a luxurious experience for your cheek bones! Although, I prefer the cheek tint, I also tried "Rose Pink" loose mica blush in the "Blush for Me" series. What I like about this variant is how you can layer and achieve the desired color as light or dark as you wish.

Omega-7 Serum
This Anti-Aging Treatment known as Omega 7 is amazing! Put this on a clean face right before bedtime and wake up to glowing skin the AM. Feed your skin with this seemingly magical elixir! Skin-loving ingredients include: Calendula CO2, Rosehip CO2, Sea Buckthorn CO2, Comfrey, Aloe Vera, Horse Tail, Wheat Germ Oil, and Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol.

PurUrth Cosmetics Review
A Solid Foundation
A Solid Foundation is a loose powder buildable foundation for your face! I enjoyed how smooth and matte this foundation is. I sampled the Alabaster and found it to be a perfect match for my fair skin-tone. You need to try this!



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