SpiritSong Tarot: 17. The Star

The SpiritSong tarot deck by Paulina Cassidy drew me in like a moth to a flame. Beautiful artwork aside, I love the blending of the two featured “nature honoring” cultures in this deck. SpiritSong combines Shamanism and Native American animal symbolism and reflects the importance of spirit animals within these cultures. Everyone connects with spirit in a different way. For me, it is mainly through nature with spirit animals. Animals have always fascinated me. My favorite animal as a child was the regal white tiger with big blue eyes. Such beauty and strength! There is always something splendid to behold when surrounded by nature. Beauty and magic are literally everywhere when you take the time to connect with Mother Gaia. I cleansed this particular deck with palo santo and asked God/spirit to bless it with love and light for everyone’s highest good.

During this phase in my spiritual growth, I have been called to delve into my shadow side where fear is a prominent player. Fear finally caught up with me and was causing a great deal of anxiety. Anxiety was robbing me of my joy and happiness. Stay tuned for a future post on overcoming fear! The battle with fear is mostly won thanks to God and my hard inner work. As a result, I have been feeling incredibly calm and peaceful. Hence, the first card that I pulled: 17. The Star. If this isn’t an auspicious sign(or incredible blessing) for this deck then I do not know what is!

I am going to talk about the swan as a spirit animal first, the booklet meaning, and finally I will go into my own impressions regarding the SpiritSong card The Star. Swan symbolizes awakening the power of self, inner beauty, grace, and balance. These are just some of the main themes regarding the swan. Click the “spirit animal” link located in the beginning of this paragraph to go to the Shamanic Journey blog for more in-depth information. Surprisingly, the swan also has meanings associated with divination, understanding spirit, and developing intuition.

17. The Star is part of the major arcana. The SpiritSong guide book uses peace and healing as the main keywords. The guide book also talks about rejuvenation after a period of emotional upheaval. Discovering your spiritual gifts. Trust and balance. Belief in yourself. Having faith in God. You are on your way to your highest potential. Note: I will not review reversals. They are the reverse meaning and fairly self explanatory. I am clairsentient and I do not read reversals. Regardless of card positioning, I will get feelings and additional feedback about what the card means through spirit.

Here are Madame Heather’s additional insights about the SpiritSong card 17. The Star. I received insights of inner harmony. Reflection and meditative state of mind. Flowing with life. Moving in a positive direction. Emotional healing. Mindfulness accompanied by positive thoughts. Think about a zen/yogi swan! Renewal of faith + trust after hardships with yourself and God.

Need additional insight? Contact Madame Heather on Facebook! Heather works with the angelic and spirit animal realms. Heather is clairsentient, claircognizent, and an Empath. Readings are performed online or by phone for 40 to 60 minutes in the traditional Celtic cross format. Readings are $20. Photo credit to Blaire Ring at Second Ave Photography. Blessings!


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