Chronicles of a Medium: Turtle Medicine

It is unclear to me at this moment if anyone will be interested in reading my stories, however, the truth remains that I am writing this chronicle because I find it hard to talk to friends and family about my experiences. So, in order to release the excess energy from my sessions I have decided to write about them. For full disclosure, I am not writing about my clients. I am, however,  going to write about my feelings, experiences, and lessons that I learned during the sessions.

Before I begin, let me give you a little background on myself. I am just starting out on my mediumship journey and I work with spirit animals. I am feeling uncertain about different aspects of mediumship. The main problem I am currently having deals with energetic boundaries and who I can talk to about my sessions and in what fashion? You see, I have a slight problem. I am not clairaudient and that means that I cannot directly hear guidance from spirit on the matter. My other problem is my lack of Mentorship, which I believe will resolve itself soon. The teacher will appear when the student is ready sort of thing. Where is this invisible spiritual boundary that I don’t want to cross? My sessions have been incredibly intense and I need to talk to someone, but can I?

Today, I found my John the God crystal pendulum and felt oh so excited! Evidently, this crystal is the perfect crystal for helping to develop mediumship abilities, skills, and talents. I don’t use the pendulum, but I made it into a pendant for a ancestral Swarovski crystal necklace, which I recently received. I purchased this crystal long before I started walking the road of mediumship.

I believe that my innate healing abilities for healing others as well as myself have been awakened. I feel like I have received the call of a shaman. I have decided to answer that call and see where it takes me.

Today’s lesson comes from turtle. Turtle is teaching me an incredible amount. Actually, a snapping turtle nearly took my finger off at the outer banks last week as I foolishly scooped him up from the road to prevent him from getting squished. Let’s just say the other motorists seemed to get a hearty laugh out of spectacle, as did my children. Turtle is teaching me to flow through the changes and challenges. Turtle is Mother Earth to many Native tribes and a symbol of protection. They are also, without a surprise,  a symbol of longevity.

Before each session, I pick crystals intuitively as well as re-arranging my “sacred space”. I keep selenite for the angels and a protective crystal(usually my obsidian arrowhead). Today, I felt drawn to rosemary. a herb that I associate with my grandfather, whom passed away last Fall. I made salt dough ornaments for everyone who attended his funeral with rosemary impressions for “remembrance”. I knew the holidays would be a particularly hard time for many people, so I wanted them to have something to look at for remembrance during the holiday season.

Unknowingly, upon leaving the reception, I left the last ornament(mine) for the church Christmas tree. My grandfather and grandmother are dearly devoted to God and their community. Today, I arranged my crystals in the shape of an “L”. I thought this would have significance to my client. It did not. Turns out, it was my grandfather saying hello. The “L” is for Lucas Richard my son whom is named in honor of my grandfather. My grandfather was a great man....a really great man. He was a bright light and a privilege to all who knew and loved him.


Madame Heather


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