Saber-Toothed Tiger Spirit Animal

Artwork by Jorge Antonio Gonzalez

I entered into the room of my first sound bath meditation with singing bowls and immediately started to sweat. I grabbed my yoga mat and fidgeted into a manageable position. I really dislike meditation. Yes, that's right! I may be spiritual, but I am also a Scorpio with a "type A" personality. That means I have trouble sitting still for more than 30 seconds. However, I found that the singing bowls allowed me to relax my mind and body far more easily than a traditional silent meditation. During the end of the meditation, I saw something in my third eye. It appeared to be a regular tiger, but when it looked over its shoulder I noticed the prolonged front canines. This was no ordinary tiger. It was a prehistoric Saber-toothed tiger!

In my vision, the Saber-toothed tiger came to a water's edge where it began to drink. I started to wonder about the significance of the Saber-toothed tiger as a spirit animal. Please also look up tiger as a companion spirit animal. My initial impressions are:

Ancient wisdom, Inner knowledge obtained through dreams and stillness, Meditation, Strength, Introspection, Courage, Independence, Finding the seat of your personal power, Dispelling of self-created illusions and fears, Reflection, Acknowledgment or embracing of primal instincts.

The online Saber-toothed tiger information that I found was obscure, but what I did find was very illuminating! According to, a group of Mexican Seers regarded the Saber-toothed tiger as an animal that has a great capacity to perceive non-ordinary reality due to his mindful deep breathing. This particular article has some wonderful details on the spiritual-nature of this prehistoric animal.

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