The Power of Neutral Emotions

Whenever you go out to lunch with talented healers like my friend Mary Histing, a local cranio-sacral therapist and former nun, you never quite know what pearls of wisdom you might receive. I believe the context of our conversation started with a question I had when doing tarot readings for others. I told her that sometimes my clients had really intense problems and I quite often found myself utterly drained after just one session!! How do other tarot and mediumship readers do back to back sessions and more importantly how do they do them accurately while not feeling every ounce of their emotions. I am an emotional-empathic sponge, so the next words that trickled out of Mary’s mouth literally changed my life. “Just stay neutral”, she said.

Neutrality is your place of solid emotional grounding. Think about anytime you have gotten emotional to the point of sobbing or fiery anger. How did you get there? An overly positive or overly negative response is required to feel emotionally unstable and ungrounded. When you approach an intense emotion from a neutral position you are Switzerland. You are not involved in the matter. You are an emotional mediator. Coming from a neutral position means that your emotions are not getting entangled with some else’s. It also offers you a chance to look at your own emotions from a place of neutrality(which is sometimes very hard to do). Being neutral means you or someone else cannot disturb our inner peace. We are in harmony and in perfect balance with our emotional-selves. You have just achieved emotional freedom.

So the next time your friend Billy Joe starts emotionally dumping his problems on you like you are the local dump site, think about keeping your emotions neutral. The proof is in the pudding on how you feel after the toxic interaction. Give it a whirl with yourself and others. If the system weren’t so easy I would create a neutrality system with Mary to sell. Lucky for you it is darn simple and you are getting it for free.


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