Goose Spirit Animal

The real miracles of life occur during times of hardship. The times when your heart is breaking and the core of your soul is shaking. Within these seasons, you will come to know who you really are. Growth can be devastatingly difficult. It can feel as if you are standing in a smog. The daylight has been blocked out and you are unable to see the path that lies ahead. Does this sound like your current reality?

I have a message for you:

Keep fighting. Do not give up. Beyond the veil of heartache lies illumination and clarity. Your light at the end of tunnel will come as you walk forward. Forgive, love, be as positive as possible, and above all keep moving. Standing in one place for too long is like digging a ditch with no end in sight.

This morning, I saw an entire migratory group of geese. Did you know geese are known for their unwavering faith, confidence, and bravery? Geese subscribe to the ethos of “No man left behind”. If a fellow goose gets sick or injured someone stays behind as a caretaker. Makes you look at geese a bit differently doesn’t it?

The underlying message from goose is this: “Go forward with bravery and confidence.”


Madame Heather


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