Paradigm Shift

About this article: I am a spirit animal medium. I don’t really have a title, but I do know that I can find a owl in the dark from a distance away and I get spirit animals in my third eye as messages for myself and others. These entries will be written like anonymous journal entries that I have with clients expressing main takeaways from our session.

A “paradigm shift” is defined as “an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.”

It started as it always does, a late night wake up. I grab my phone and open the notebook app. Sometimes I peer at the clock for numbers and other times I get right to work. It also happens, occasionally, that I dream for my clients as well. Although, I have felt a shift in this pattern. Recently, I have been fully awake to gather information from spirit. I start to gather information and write it down for our session. I hear, “Back up”! The words were stated in a threatening manner that included posturing and a dark toxic energy surrounding it. I associated it with the client’s spouse. I felt an overwhelming amount of fear. I was so scared and after receiving all the information it took quite awhile for me to fall back into slumber.

There was more, I saw my family in my third eye and it felt like a my client and I mirrored one another. I have experience being a paradigm shift in my family, but I did not make that connection until the day of the session. I wrote these feelings down and continued.

I got a view of a poisonous snake in my mind’s eye. I had the urge to look up, “poisonous snake spirit animal”, which I did. The message speaks of toxic energy. The poisonous snake is a galvanizing guide that provokes you into action through pain and suffering. The poisonous snake acts as a catalyst for change. It helps you find the power to transmute suffering into a blessing.

Feelings and a bit of “knowing” came through. I felt a loss of personal power, a feeling of being trapped, and loads of fear. I had a “knowing” that this was a commanding or authoritative figure being highlighted. I kept feeling the spouse’s energy. I also felt a blow to the right side of my face. My left brain started to get in the way and I felt myself wondering if my client’s spouse was abusive. I felt or heard, “don’t assume”. This was a great lesson for me this week. Do not assume.

More information came in. “Karmic energies”, which felt oddly out of place at the time, but made complete sense during our session. Also, “It’s time” and a “need for releasing pent up energies”. The word “paradigm shift” came in during our session. I was also told to guide my client to a previous article that I had written, “Breakdown to Breakthrough ”. Feeling satisfied that a good picture had been painted, I slowly drifted off to sleep.

The day of the session, I walked over to my office and started my meditation session for centering. My client walks in and we begin. I connected and strong emotions were washing over me. Dark and very heavy emotions came forward from my client. Nervously, I started to go over the information I received from spirit the night before. My client confirms with my “mother-in-law”. That is when it all clicked, my client has three boys and I have three boys. We are both paradigm shifts in our families. I asked about the piece of information that I got about being “struck upside the face”. My client said her mother-in-law had a bad fall a few years ago in which she hit her head.

My client is being spurred to take action and to help cleanse her family line. Her final message, “Take courage, dear heart”. To do what is necessary sometimes requires us to cast our fears aside and summon the great courage that resides within. By the way, we never lose our power we simply lose sight of it sometimes, but it is always there waiting for us to claim it as ours.


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