Jaguar Medicine: Reclaiming your Power

Jaguar spirit animal

Jaguar reminds us that we are powerful beings.

Dark times remind us that we can suffer tremendously, yet come out of our struggles both stronger and wiser. During the challenges of life, it can feel as if we are drowning and will never recover. Clarity is replaced with a veil of fog. Then, debilitating anxiety and depression often follows. As a result, we can “feel” weak and powerless..

I am hear to say, “Nothing can be further from the truth.”

The truth is that no matter how challenging our circumstances, within, lies incredible opportunity. Opportunities such as personal growth, strength, transformation, and wisdom. Our power cannot be stripped away and it certainly cannot be taken. Your power is fully your own. We simply forget how powerful we truly are.

Ask me how I know?

I am not spouting some yogi BS, because I have been down this road. There was a time when I felt incredibly low. I wanted to give up. My power felt non-existent. It took many months for me to reclaim my power again. I was battling severe PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Today,  my anxiety level is near zero and I feel more powerful than ever. This transformation does not take place overnight. It takes patience, work, and faith in spirit. You must understand, there is a reason for your challenges and lessons to be learned. The light, power, and happiness are yours. The power lies within you.

How to reclaim your power?

Focus on self love, self acceptance, and self examination. Look within and do not fear what you see or feel. No judgment, just awareness. Rest. Restart and refocus as many times as necessary. Face your fears one at a time. Allow feelings, emotions, and traumas to come to the surface. When you are ready, let them go. Be still. In stillness, we find clarity.  Be gentle and patient with yourself. Pray and have faith in the Great Spirit.

Today is your reminder that you are powerful and, like the jaguar, incredibly strong.


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