How to Find your Spirit Animal

How to find your spirit animal
“A spirit animal is a spirit that guides an individual, protects them, or both.”

How do you know which spirit animal is working with you? As a spirit animal reader, that is the number one question I am asked. For starters, ask yourself the following simple questions. What is your favorite animal? Which animals are you naturally attracted to right now? Is there an animal that you see frequently? These questions are just the beginning! Be mindful and in no time you will notice even more spirit animals trying to get your attention.

“Owl helps us to pierce illusion and unmask the truth”

Just today, my friend messaged me on FB and said, “Look who has been hanging out with me for the past half hour.” It was a burrowing owl! Later that afternoon, I walked down to the thrift store and saw the image of owl everywhere! My intuition already alerted me that owl was indeed present, but the external validation told me that I needed to pay more attention to owl spirit. I promptly looked up the spirit animal meaning and symbolism for owl.  Below, you will see two of my favorite Shamanic reference websites for spirit animals.

1.) Shamanic Journey
2.) Wild Gratitude
Here are the primary ways you can connect to your spirit animal guides: 
1.) Dreams
2.) Meditation
3.) Shamanic Journeying
4.) Nature
5.) Animal Objects(For example, feathers, animal jewelry, or animal statues)
6.) Prayer

How do I know a spirit animal is trying to contact me?
Your intuition will guide you. Do you think the animal is trying to get your attention? Do you think there is s message? Trust yourself.  My grandfather passed away a few years ago(see above photo). During the time period leading up to his passing, I started seeing hawks. Even though the doctors were initially optimistic about my grandfather’s illness,  I got a feeling that the hawk was there to support me and my grandfather during his  transition into the spirit world. The day of his funeral, as we were driving home, a hawk flew right in front of our car. I see hawk frequently during my travels. Hawk reminds me of my grandfather’s loving spirit and support from the spirit world. The hawk makes me feel protected and safe. The hawk also reminds me that I am indeed divinely guided at all times.

Is the animal behaving strangely? 

My last animal story is about a baby cardinal that was lightly tapping against our window. The boys kept saying. “Mom, we have a visitor!” They told me the baby cardinal had been rapping against our window all morning! My sons know that cardinals mean an ancestor or family member is visiting us from the spirit world. Right away, I thought of our first child my husband and I lost. For me, it was a beautiful “hello” from my first baby in spirit. I brought out a bread offering as a form of gratitude for a message received.

Gratitude for all the blessings that we have received and to those we have yet to receive,


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