Spirit Animals that Symbolize Protection

Spirit animals, more than protecting us directly, show us how we can empower and protect ourselves.
Let’s start by talking about spiritual protection. I still sage and use prayer, but I am not overly concerned about “protecting myself”. I believe the spiritual realm offers us protection whether we sage or not. Saging is a great way to clear stagnant energy. Crystals are a great tool for communication as well as prayer. You need not create a methodical protection program that involves  crystals, prayer, imagining a white light around you, etc... By the way, what do you need protection from?
To me, fear is the biggest illusion there is. 
I truly believe that love is all that exists on the other side. Here on the physical plane, we still have “people” to worry about, but from the spiritual realm all I have ever experienced is love and support. When could protection be warranted from the spirit animal kingdom?

There are plenty of times when we could use protection or passage(like while traveling or during a medical procedure). We could simply benefit from the comforting “feelings” of safety and security as we are moving through a challenging time. For myself, I feel the stalking protection of cougar from the ground and the soaring protection of hawk by air. We could all use a spiritual companion for guidance and protection, right? 

Types of protection and guidance offered by spirit animals:
1.) Physical
2.) Mental
3.) Emotional
4.) Spiritual

There are many spirit animals that offer the gift of protection. Scroll down to explore! Pin your favorite spirit animals and save them for later!

Haw Medicine

Alligator Medicine

Turtle Medicine

Ladybug medicine

Shark medicine

Bear medicine

Gila monster medicine

Jellyfish medicine

Poison dart frog medicine

Dog medicine

Black panther medicine

Dolphin medicine

Bison medicine

Snake medicine


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